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April 2024 Newsletter

Welcome back to our CyclAbility newsletter, here are a few notices and useful information from our team this month:

Well, the weather has certainly been exciting over the last few weeks! Wind and rain, (with some sunny spells), haven’t put off our intrepid participants though - read on for news of the My Vision tandem challenge, plus an update on guidelines for track etiquette to enable safe enjoyment for everyone. 


Tandem Challenge

We were delighted to host the annual My Vision tandem challenge on Tuesday, April 9th. My Vision Oxfordshire (  supports people around the county living with sight loss, helping them regain their confidence and independence.

Two heroic tandem teams braved wet and gusty conditions to power through a sponsored ride of 24K, leading to the most successful challenge haul yet - over £7,200 at last count! One team battled technical cycle problems as well as the atrocious weather, meaning they still have a few laps to go to complete the full 60 laps - join in with the cheering if you catch the session in question - it apparently helps the wheels go round faster!  

Track safety and mobile phone use

As the season progresses, our sessions are increasingly popular, meaning the track can get pretty busy at times. We’ve been reviewing our policies to optimise the number of riders we can accommodate while managing the risks well for everyone. As part of this, we now have a new requirement that no one should use their mobile phone while on the track, or trackside if you are a carer overseeing a participant who is riding, other than in an emergency. This will ensure the carer can respond immediately to any issues should the need arise. Please don’t be offended if a session leader or volunteer comes and asks you to put your phone away - and maybe take the opportunity to chat with others alongside you instead! 

As part of managing busier sessions, we also ask that you come on time for your booked session. We may occasionally need to ask you to wait, depending on cycle availability/track congestion. The covered seating area has now been refurbished and is back in action as a place to sit if you need to wait.  

On the safeguarding theme, we have recently been made aware of a participant being unable to unlock a cubicle door. If you are caring for someone who may need help, please consider using the disabled toilet or staying close to the bathroom door to help if needed.

We always have a safeguarding lead on duty and would be grateful if you have any concerns regarding the supervision or support of a participant that you bring it to our attention by speaking to any volunteer or session leader.

Capturing your quotes and stories

It’s lovely to hear and share what you have valued about the sessions. We’ve got a shiny new notebook that you can write or draw in if you’d like to share something you’ve enjoyed or celebrate a particular achievement. We’ll put it out on the refreshments table (hopefully it won’t get too tea-stained). Feel free to scribble or draw in it, or ask someone else to write something in it for you. 



Friday 21st June 2024

By popular demand we see the return of Bike Oxford and their inclusive cycling sportive based at the track.


Sunday 23rd June 2024

The Bike Oxford main event will include rides of 26, 55 and 75 miles. This year there will also be a 10-mile ride around Oxford (with a few hills) and some of our participants may wish to join in. 


More details to follow for these events.


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