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CyclAbility could not run without the support of its session leaders and volunteers. If you are interested in a session leader or volunteering role but don’t know what to expect or are unclear how you could help us; the best thing to do is to get in touch by emailing us at and arranging to come along to a session.


Arrangements for volunteers are very flexible – you can help whichever days you are available and for the whole or part of the morning, whatever is convenient for you.

Volunteers at CyclAbility
Tea and Coffee

At a typical session we need to get everything ready – open the track and cabins, check the bikes, check the track, set up reception, set up the music and complete the risk assessment check-list. During the session we welcome participants, fit helmets, help with the choice of bike, offer reassurance and assistance, make any necessary adaptations, make refreshments, and (if competent at cycle mechanics) help repair & maintain the fleet of cycles. Very occasionally some first aid is required although this should be the responsibility of the carer in the first instance.  At the end of the session we carefully store the bikes, ensure the track is locked up and all equipment is safely stored. Make sure the iPad, batteries and keys are handed over if necessary.

No individual is expected to be able to do all of these tasks. As a team we all have strengths, weaknesses, and preferences and we work together to make sure the session is fun for everyone. If you think you can help please do get in touch.

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