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News 17th Jan '24

Dear All 


As mentioned in last week's newsletter, we are transitioning to new back-office procedures to help us operate more efficiently.  As part of this, we will be re-arranging the way the newsletter is prepared and aim to send it out on a monthly basis in future.  Whilst we are working on this, please note that this will probably be the last newsletter in the current format and the new format will commence in a few week's time.


Our sessions will continue every Tuesday and Friday as before:


Fridays (at 10, 11 and 11.30) - NB we start packing up at 12.30pm on Fridays.   


Tuesdays (at 10 and 11) - including Learn to Ride session.


The Friday sessions are much busier than the Tuesday sessions at the moment.  If you prefer it when its quieter, please book for a Tuesday session. 


The new booking arrangements mentioned last week seem to be working but if you have any difficulties or queries, please contact  We are continuing to tweak the system so please bear with us we refine its operation.


Just a reminder of the changes we mentioned last week:


Standing Orders:

If you have a standing order in place, you do not need to do anything – your booking will automatically be added to the booking system just as they are now, for as long as the standing order remains in place. We only ask that you let us know if you are unable to attend a session so that we can update our expected numbers.



If you are booking for a group of 6 or more please email to check that we can accommodate you in your preferred timeslot.  Group bookings will be charged by invoice and this will need to be paid before you come. So please allow enough time for this administration to be completed before your first session.


Periodic and ad hoc bookings.

If you just want to book one or more sessions without committing to having a standing order or coming every week, please use the new online system to book your slots.  Slots can also be cancelled and rearranged on the system up to 24 hours before your booking.  Any existing credits will be carried forward.



Each session costs approximately £10 per person to run. We ask for a contribution towards these costs and the rest is funded from multiple grants. We are pleased to keep our minimum contribution at £3 as we do not want money to be a barrier to people cycling at our sessions; however, we have now removed the "buy 6 and get one free" option. We have also added the option to pay a little more for those who can.  As a not-for-profit organisation all monies are invested in the company to directly support the sessions, maintain the bikes and pay the essential overheads to ensure we can continue to operate and to do so safely.


As always – please do not attend a session if you are unwell; many participants at our sessions are extremely vulnerable.


The CyclAbility




                                                 CYCLABILITY®  CIC




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