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News 11th Oct '23

11 Oct 2023

Dear All  

Our next sessions are: 

Friday 13 Oct (at 10, 11 and 12) – rain is currently forecast so please come prepared.


Tuesday 17 Oct (at 10 and 11) – including Learn to Ride session


Consent Form

As you know, a consent form must be completed before a new participant can take part in a session.  This only needs to be done once as it covers all future sessions.  The form is also displayed on the reception table.


Please may we remind you that, as stated in the consent form, the carer or parent bringing a participant is responsible for the care and supervision of the participant.  Our leaders and volunteers offer guidance, advice, and support regarding cycling and cycling related matters but the carer remains responsible for the participant during the session.


Participants attending on their own are regarded as independent participants who are able to look after themselves and make their own decisions on their cycling activities in response to the guidance given by our leaders and volunteers.


Our leaders and volunteers may help the participant/carer choose an appropriate cycle, assist with adjusting the seat height, help with any footplates etc and explain how the cycle operates but the carer remains responsible for deciding whether the suggested activity is suitable for the participant (especially as many have complex needs of which our leaders/volunteers have little or no knowledge). 


As you know, we provide a range of helmets of different sizes and recommend they are used by anyone cycling but the decision whether to do so remains with the participant/carer.  Our leaders/volunteers can help ensure the helmets are fitted properly.


If anyone has any queries on the above, please let us know.


Please may we remind everyone again to book your slot no later than midday the day before the session (and preferably earlier) at  Late bookings cannot be accepted (and phone calls on the day will probably not be answered).  If you have any booking queries, please read the page Coming to a Session on our website which explains how to submit a consent form (for new participants only) and how to pay online.  Please send all booking communications by email to – thank you.

The CyclAbility Team

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