News 26th July ‘23

Dear All  


Our next sessions are: 


Friday 28 July (at 10, 11 and 12)


Tuesday 1 August (at 10 and 11).  Our normal session ends at 12 and will be followed by a separate session for youngsters from OCA (see below).


Please note there is a potential double booking on Tuesday 15 August – we are still trying to find out if we can run a condensed session that day and will hopefully let you know in next week’s newsletter.


Please book your slots on Tuesday and Friday no later than midday the day before (and preferably earlier).  If you have any booking queries, please read see the page Coming to a Session on our website which explains how to submit a consent form (for new participants only) and how to pay online.


The OCA sessions we run in the holidays are very popular with the OCA community.  Those who are able to cycle will be taken off site to cycle on the areas leading to Shotover by trained leaders (who will also be bringing some additional bikes with them). Those remaining at the track will be those who need help cycling (including some of their parents).  Any extra volunteers who are free to help with the OCA sessions would be much appreciated.


If anyone is aware of any childrens bikes that can be passed onto OCA, please let us know.


Hope to see lots of you at our sessions over the summer holidays.

The CyclAbility Team





26 July 2023

Our friends and sponsors