News 23rd Jan. 2023

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Dear All

This week’s sessions:
Tuesday 22 Jan: 10am – forecast cold and possibly foggy but we will be there to re-arrange bike storage (see below) so please come if you can get there safely.
Friday 27 January: 10am and 11am – we’re pleased to see attendance is still very good even in the cold weather.
If you’ve not yet booked please contact Jennifer.  Please send all booking requests to and please book no later than midday the day before (and preferably earlier).  If you have any booking queries, please read see the page Coming to a Session on our website which explains how to submit a consent form (for new participants only) and how to pay online.
Exciting News – we’re getting another side-by-side Fun2Go!
We’ve bought a second hand Fun2Go which we hope will be delivered this week.  It’s very similar to the current one but without the e-assist.  We hope to be able to add e-assist in the future once we have located a suitable conversion kit.
This means we will have four side-by-side cycles.  We know the Fun2Go with e-assist is many people’s favourite and we try to stagger the times of people who want to use it so you can all have a turn but please remember we cannot guarantee any particular cycle will be available for you to use.  For those for whom e-assist is not essential, we would encourage you to try the other side-by-side cycles if the Fun2Go is in use.

Hospitals and A&E depts still under pressure

Many hospitals, including those in our area, remain under pressure
due to very high demand from people with Covid or Flu, shortages of staff and shortage of beds.  Waiting times in A&E can be very long.  To reduce the risk of anyone needing urgent hospital treatment, we want to ensure we are taking appropriate precautions.  Although we are outside, we recommend social distancing (and using masks when this isn’t possible) and taking care to avoid accidents.  Many people currently have a variety of flu symptoms – please do not attend if you have a cough or cold or feel unwell.
Hand gel will be available for you to use and we will also sanitize cycles again between users.


Please remember we aim to open regardless of the weather (unless there’s a serious weather warning). If we have to close we will email and put a note on the website. Don’t forget to wrap up warm and bring gloves and bring waterproofs just in case! Hot drinks also available. 
The Wheels for All Oxford Team

23 January 2023

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