News 28th Nov. 2022

Wheels for All - Oxford
Wheels for All Oxford, weekly newsletter
Dear All
This week’s sessions:
Please remember we will open regardless of the weather (unless there’s a weather warning). If we have to close we will email and put a note on the website. Don’t forget to wrap up warm and bring gloves and bring waterproofs just in case!  Hot drinks also available.
Tues 29 November at 10am.  Please arrive no later than 10.30 as we will start packing up around 11.
Friday 2 December at 10am and 11am.  Please arrive no later than 11.30 as we will start packing up around 12.
Building work
The concrete delivery was delayed last week but things can change at short notice so we may sometimes need to relocate to the area in front of the doors to the toilets.  If the barrier on the access track is closed or the keep right sign in the middle of the track, please park in the main car park (we have a key to unlock the gate next to the height barrier). You can then access the track through the side gate at the end of the clubouse or through the door into the clubhouse.
a reminder that Xmas might be a good opportunity to buy a helmet if you’re a regular participant.  It’s always better to have your own; both in terms of fit and hygiene. We’re replenishing our stock of helments but we don’t have many very small ones or very large ones so best to get your own to avoid having to wait for one to become available.
If anyone needs advice on helmets, Jennifer is happy to help or ask at a session.
All booking requests should now be sent to and please book no later than midday the day before (and preferably earlier).  Late booking requests cannot be accepted as we are busy preparing for the session.  If you have any booking queries, please read see the page Coming to a Session on our website which explains how to submit a consent form (for new participants only) and how to pay online.


Covid is still with us so please continue to be careful as many of our participants are vulnerable. We recommend wearing masks when in close proximity and maintaining a safe distance when chatting. Please don’t some to a session if you think you might have Covid or if you or someone in your household has Covid or recently tested positive. Please use the hand sanitiser on arrival. You are also welcome to use the sanitizer sprays on the cycles before use.  
The Wheels for All Oxford Team

28 November 2022

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