News 31st Oct. 2022

Wheels for All - Oxford
Wheels for All Oxford, weekly newsletter
Dear All
Please send all booking requests to Jennifer will still be handling these but it gives us more flexibility when she’s not available. And please book by midday the day before (and preferably earlier).
This week’s sessions: Tues 1 November (slots at 10 and 11) and Friday 4 Novemberr (slots at 10, 11 and 12).
Our Friday sessions continue to be busier than the Tuesday sessions so if you prefer it when its quieter, please book a Tuesday session. Please see the page Coming to a Session on our website.
Please remember to check-in when you arrive at a session as this helps us keep our attendance records up to date – thanks. Please also avoid parking in front of the entrance gate – we will put a cone out to remind you to keep this area clear.
Building work
Please note there will be building work in the area behind the stands over the next few months.  Its all safely fenced off and you can still access the toilets (by going round in front of the stands).  The contractors are aware that we are at the track on Tuesday and Friday mornings and will be particularly careful not to cause any unnecessary disturbance.
Volunteers New volunteers are always welcome both at the sessions and with some of the work that goes on behind the scenes. If you’d like to help in any way, please let us know.
Half Term week
We had a large group of youngsters (and some of their parents) from Oxford Community Action joining us on Tuesday 25th.  They all had great fun (thanks to Josh from Active Oxfordshire for looking after them) with minimal interference to the rest of our session (although they enjoyed being let loose on the track once all our participants had finished!).

A Big Thank You

You may recall that Wheels for All Oxford were the charity partner at the Outspoken: Celebrating women’s voices in cycling Event (at which Jennifer and Hope gave a presentation).  We have now received a very generous donation from the event – so thank you Outspoken (and the Cowley Road Conders who organised the event).
Covid is still with us so please continue to be careful as many of our participants are vulnerable. We recommend wearing masks when in close proximity and maintaining a safe distance when chatting. Please don’t some to a session if you think you might have Covid or if you or someone in your household has Covid or recently tested positive. Please use the hand sanitiser on arrival. You are also welcome to use the sanitizer sprays on the cycles before use.


The Wheels for All Oxford Team

31 October 2022

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