News 28th Sept. 2022

Wheels for All Oxford, weekly newsletter
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Dear All
Upcoming Sessions

We are continuing with sessions every Friday with slots at 10, 11 and 12 and every Tuesday with slots at 10 and 11. If you’ve not yet booked a slot (for Tuesdays or Fridays), please email Please remember that a consent form needs to be submitted online for any new participants at the latest by midday the day before (together with an online contribution – ¬£3 per session).  Participants will not be allowed to cycle if a consent form has not been received in time. 
The earlier slots on Fridays are now at capacity – although there is still room in the midday slot.  Please can we ask everyone to try to arrive on time, especially larger groups, to help keep numbers of participants on site spread out more evenly during the session.  Only a 10% chance of rain is currently forecast for Friday morning but if the forecast deteriorates and you’d prefer to switch to Tuesday, let us know.
Availability of Cycles
Some cycles are in high demand so you may have to wait whilst others take their turn.  The electric side by side is very popular so we may have to limit your time on it to ensure everyone has a turn.  We know its fun but the electric assist is primarily to help participants who struggle to pedal – please use the other 2 side-by-side cycles if you can.  If you want a wider choice of cycles,  we recommend booking on the midday session on Friday or the 10am or 11am sessions on Tuesday (when it is much quieter).  If anyone want to transfer their bookings from Friday to Tuesday, please let us know.
Folding ebikes
Both participants and carers are enjoying using the 2 folding ebikes loaned to us by Estarli – some who have not cycled for ages have been happily pedalling around on them!
Advance notification
On Tuesday 11 October, Estarli will be bringing more of their (2 wheel) ebikes to Wheels for All (just for the one session) – please come and try them out.  This session will also be FREE.  It should be a great opportunity for both participants and carers to try a variety of ebikes. They say there are 2 kinds of people – those who love ebikes and those who haven’t yet tried one!
The parking area near our entrance gate is quite crowded on Friday mornings so if you can use the main car park, please park there instead so there’s more room for those arriving in minibuses (which can’t get under the height bar in the car park) and those for whom the walk from the main car park is too much of a challenge.


All help is much appreciated whether it is a busy session or a quiet session.  Sometimes we have plenty of volunteers and sometimes only just enough. It’s not easy to predict in advance so please just come whenever you are free – we are always happy to see you!
Rates have fallen, but please continue to be careful as many of our participants are vulnerable. We recommend wearing masks when in close proximity and maintaining a safe distance when chatting. Please don’t some to a session if you have any symptoms (eg runny nose, sore throat, headache, fatigue etc) or if you or someone in your household has Covid or tested positive in the last 7-10 days.  Please use the hand sanitiser on arrival.  You are also welcome to use the sanitizer sprays on the cycles before use.
The Wheels for All Oxford Team

28 September 2022

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