News 10th August 2022

Dear All
Upcoming Sessions
The Met Office has issued an amber heat warning covering Friday this week so, unfortunately, the session will have to be CANCELLED – another unfortunate consequence of climate change.  We’ve also just been informed that there is an event at the track next Tuesday (16 Aug) so we will not be able to run the session that day.  Bookings for cancelled sessions will be carried over.  Weather, and everything else permitting, the next session will therefore be on Friday 19 August
If you haven’t yet booked for Friday 19th (or subsequent sessions), please email Please remember that a consent form needs to be submitted online for any new participants at the latest by midday the day before (together with online contribution – ¬£3 per session).  Participants will not be allowed to cycle if a consent form has not been submitted. 
We’re pleased that we have been contacted by several new people interested in volunteering with us so we hope we will have some new volunteers helping out within the next few weeks, especially for Tuesday sessions.  They heard about us in a variety of different ways so please keep telling others about what we do – you never know if they, or someone they know, might be interested in helping.  There is also room for more participants on our Tuesday sessions.  During the summer holidays, care arrangements for many may be different so please let the new carers/parents know they are welcome to bring people to our sessions.
As well as the wide variety of ways people can help during a session (see our website), there are lots of others things people can help with to ensure everyting runs smoothly, There are a number of governance issues we’d like to update/improve, publicity via social media and other channels, training courses for leaders and volunteers, fund raising, cycle maintenance/updating, strategic planning, etc etc – so lots of ways people can contribute.
Hopefully, we’ll be able to confirm in next week’s newsletter that upcoming sessions will be running as usual.
We hope you manage to stay cool this weekend.
The Wheels for All Oxford Team

10 August 2022

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