News 27th July 2022

Dear All
Both the Friday session last week and the Tuesday session yesterday went well and the weather was kind to us.  The number attending the Tuesday session is growing but there is room for lots more.
Upcoming Sessions
Every Friday with slots at 10, 11 and 12 and now every Tuesday morning with slots at 10 and 11. The Tuesday session is ideal for those who prefer it a bit quieter or want a greater choice of cycles and for groups who come together. If you’ve not yet booked a slot (for Tuesdays or Fridays), please email Please remember that a consent form needs to be submitted online for any new participants at the latest by midday the day before (together with online payment – ¬£3 per session).  Participants will not be allowed to cycle if a consent form has not been submitted. 


Please continue to be careful.  We recommend wearing masks when in close proximity and maintaining a safe distance when chatting.  It’s very easy to forget but cases are very high in Oxfordshire and the hospitals are very busy.  Please don’t some to a session if you have any symptoms (eg runny nose, sore throat, headache, fatigue etc) or if you or someone in your household has Covid or tested positive in the last 7-10 days.  Whilst for many the symptoms may be relatively mild, the large number of infections mean that the number of people being hospitalized is increasing and many of our participants are vulnerable so please take care, Please use the hand sanitiser on arrival and, if our volunteers are busy, please help sanitise the cycles between users.
Unfortunately due to the high infection levels we have currently suspended our catering table (but hope to start catering again soon if Covid numbers continue to fall). We will continue to provide water and disposable cups to help keep you hydrated. 
We have a great band of volunteers but are keen to expand our team to cover for people who are away due to holidays or illness and to help at our Tuesday sessions. If you’d like more information, please contact Jennifer or Steve (07764 950685or 07736 069632). There is also info on our website.
Returning to cycling
For anyone wanting to get back to cycling, we are happy to provide help and guidance at our sessions.  Many people can regain their cycling skills and confidence after a bit of help and practice and we are then hoping to find volunteers who can help them practice more near their homes.  We are also having a bit of a sort out of our bikes, especially the 2 wheel bikes, and may be ‘retiring’ a few in the near future to make room for some other cycles – if anyone is interested let us know.
Please spread the word about our new Tuesday sessions – both to participants and potential volunteers.
The Wheels for All – Oxford Team
PS We’ve also got an Instagram page now @wfaoxford –  lots of photos and videos for you to ‘like’.

27 July 2022

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